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Create your own colorful easy ombre waterfall nail idea

Making a cute nail design is based not only on color but also on nail shape.

Many people like waterfall nail ideas, I have a simple tutorial that explains in detail how to make a waterfall nail! I am here to provide you with the easiest way to make, waterfall nail has always been the highlight of nail art, I hope you can simply create a waterfall nail creative. It’s easy to find the idea of the nail 2018 on the internet.

Ombre nails are a fun way, you can use any color combination, and you want to create your own unique easy ombre waterfall nail really easy. You can simply create your own colorful waterfall nail idea.

To make a simple waterfall manicure art, please follow me:

  • First choose the base color of the waterfall according to your preferences!
    For example, I choose my favorite lavender color and blue as my waterfall color.
  • You can choose the base color you like. My favorite is No7 Stay Perfect.
  • Acetone is used to clean the brush and clean it at the end.
  • Nail brush…
    Brushes are one of the most important tools for making waterfall nails.
    You need a very thin brush with a length of at least 10 mm and a tapered tip. It is very important to choose a quality brush.

Use a nail brush and color #1 to paint on several staggered lines, starting from the polished edge of the stratum corneum and working toward the tip of the nail. Change the length of the line.

When you reach the end point, lift the tip of the brush slightly from the nail to make the taper on each line smaller.

Color #3 goes to the side of color #2
Finally, add a topcoat and use a nail brush with acetone to clean around the stratum corneum line.

The idea of a waterfall nail is a little different from anything you have tried before. It makes you look radiant!